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Ireland is also one of the top countries in the world when it comes to offering excellent service and hospitality, and Irish citizens enjoy lives that are similar to those of most other European countries. Irish people are kind and welcoming, with a strong emphasis on family. They're also passionate about their patriotism.
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Irish Public Healthcare system

The Health Service Executive is in charge of the Irish public healthcare system (HSE).Many public health services are free, however there may be a charge in other situations

Irish Private Healthcare system

Individual health experts or healthcare companies provide private healthcare services in Ireland. In most cases, you are responsible for the entire expense of private health care. In the future decade, there will be numerous openings for allied health professions in both the public and private sectors in Ireland. Oxford Migration is a officially recognized consultant. We are willing to lend a hand in obtaining your Registered license so that you can begin your Overseas career in Ireland.


To offer the best possible treatment for patients, the dietitian collaborates closely with other members of the multidisciplinary team (medical, nursing, and other allied health professionals). Dietitians are in charge of patients’ nutritional needs while they are in the hospital: 


To become an expert in a specific field, such as diabetes, children’s health, cancer, or surgery. 


Those interested in management may want to supervise meal planning and preparation at hospitals, prisons, schools, and workplace cafeterias. 


Dietitians and nutritionists are expected to expand at a greater rate than the average for all occupations from 2020 to 2030. 


R&D is mainly concerned with developing goods, processes, or commercial applications utilising new, multidisciplinary approaches. 


Graduates with several years of expertise in the field may advance to managerial positions. 


The occupational therapist will assist the client in performing tasks that will help them strengthen their bodies and improve their coordination. Some of these activities may require you to assist the client with movement. 


In fields such as physical and psychiatric rehabilitation, hand therapy, health services management, learning disability, disability studies, and community occupational therapy, there are chances for additional research and the development of specialized skills. Others pursue careers in research, education, or management


Optometrists evaluate patients’ eyes using specialised equipment. They are taught to recognise symptoms, diagnose them, and provide treatment before referring patients to medical professionals. 

Optometrist job openings are expected to expand at a faster rate than the national average from 2020 to 2030. 


Each year, Ireland is expected to have over 1,700 opportunities for optometrists. 


They may specialize in contact lenses, environmental vision, or the care of the partially sighted. 


Physiotherapists/physical therapists play a vital part in the health care of persons of all ages who have lost movement or capacity as a result of an accident or disease, assisting them in returning to an active and independent life as quickly as possible. 


Acupuncture, sports injuries, women’s health, intellectual disabilities, respiratory care, neurology and gerontology, rheumatology, pediatrics, occupational health & ergonomics, oncology & palliative care are just a few of the specialties available to physiotherapists. 


For future professional progression, there are opportunities for advancement to senior level, clinical expert, and management. 


A podiatrist helps people improve their mobility, which improves their independence and quality of life. They provide preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment for a variety of foot, ankle, and lower limb diseases. 


More than their productivity is required. 


Diagnostic radiographers support clinicians in disease diagnosis. Radiography, X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are some of the techniques used to create images of bodily components. Diagnostic radiographers operate in interdisciplinary teams in several hospital departments and provide patient care. 


In Ireland, there is a growing demand for certified radiographers. In Ireland, there are more opportunities for career development


Individuals, families, and groups who are experiencing marginalization, disadvantage, social, or emotional challenges are helped by social workers. 

Promotions are possible up to the rank of team leader, and then to senior or head social worker. 


Social workers can also seek a post with the Health Service Executive as a child care manager. 


Employers in all sectors require more social workers as the demand for healthcare and social services grows. 


Opportunities to advance into more senior positions and specialize in working with a specific group of clients or type of speech and language condition, such as speech delay in children or neurological illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, increase as clinical experience rises. 


Speech and language therapists diagnose and treat persons of all ages who have problems with their speech, language, or communication. 


Speech and language therapy for adults and children is in high demand in Ireland’s services. 

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