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#1. Where and when was the word Mechatronics invented?

#2. A servo motor is a typical example of _____

#3. What is the function of an input signal conditioning unit?

#4. The main mechanical components of a servo motor are stator and rotor.

#5. The main function of Actuator is _____

#6. Example of ‘Stand-alonesystem’ is _____

#7. Which among the following carry out the overall control of a system?

#8. A humanoid robot is an example of _____

#9. Where is the feedback generated by sensors in a mechatronics system given?

#10. A Mechatronics system contains feedback.

#11. Which is the first aspect which needs to be considered in the Mechatronics design process?

#12. In the level of integration of Mechatronics system, an example of the first level is _____

#13. Interface design is an example of hardware integration.

#14. What is the role of the second level in the mechatronics system design?

#15. Microprocessor based electrical motors are used for

#16. Deployment in mechatronics design is associated with the final product.

#17. Which phase of a mechatronics system consists of hardware designing?

#18. What is the function of “analysis” in the modeling and simulation phase?

#19. Describing the behavior characteristics through block diagram is done in ____

#20. Prototyping involves ____

#21. What converts physical input into output, among the basic parts of a measuring system

#22. The analog to digital conversion in a measurement system takes place inside _____

#23. A thermocouple is a transducer.

#24. The light emitting diodes are used as a/an ____

#25. Which type of error is caused due to friction or electrical capacitance?

#26. Accuracy is the difference between a true value and the measured value.

#27. Which type of error always has the same and consistent value?

#28. The largest value for which the instrument output remains zero is ____

#29. The function of the data transmission element is ____